Wooch Graff


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Wooch loves adventures, fun, and challenges. He has been competing in multiple disciplines since the age of 6 and is a firm believer in “less is more” when it comes to living, training, and competing.

Developing grit and sustainable habits that maximize function and increased overall well-being is his goal for clients that commit to working with him. Ultimately, he believes this is best achieved in the WILD… also known as NATURE!

Most importantly, Wooch sees the potential in every human being. He lives to inspire and to be inspired by others seeking positive change. He finds infinite strength in his beloved and talented wife, Jill Smith, and his two fantastic and adorable boys, Pace and Brae. They are the light of his life and his daily inspiration to be a better human!

Training Style

His approach is playful and unconventional. He believes personal growth occurs when a tolerable level of inconvenience arouses an emboldened spirit from within.

Client Goals

Wooch helps clients attain lifestyle goals as well as lofty, I-could-never type goals, and he has for 22 years.