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D Cookson Fitness


Given his personal and professional background, he can deliver a fitness and wellness program that applies to a wide-ranging and diverse client base. He finds it very gratifying to guide others down a fitness and wellness path.


  • Cooper Institute Certified Physical Fitness
  • Specialist CI Biomechanics Specialist CI
  • Nutrition Coach CI Wellness Coach CI TRX
  • Suspension Training Proper
  • Biomechanics/Personal Program Design
  • Weight Loss/Nutritional Coaching Aging
  • Population Functional Movement
  • Evaluation/Corrective Exercise Integrated
  • Strength and Functional Training Bioelectrical
  • Impedance Analysis (BIA) Kettle Bell Training

Training Style

Dwayne’s coaching style and approach integrates strength training with functional movement.

Client Goals

Dwayne’s goal is to help inspire you to take your health and fitness into your own hands and make your goals a reality!